Game dev


Hey. I'm Alessandro, but some people call me Winter. I'm a programmer that mainly focuses on game development but I'll always try something new if it grabs my attention.

Everything I know about programming is self-taught and I'm extremely passionate about it which is fueled by my dedication and commitment to this art.


My number one skill is my ability to learn which allowed me to easily expand onto various other horizons such as basic machine learning and web development.

My Work!

Escape From Utopia "Current"
Retro / FPS / Story
- Programmer
Island Generator
Tech Demo
- Personal Project
Farside RPG
Roguelike / Story / Platformer
- Personal Project
Dungeon Mockup
Tech Demo
- Personal Project
SquareD App "WIP"
Mobile / Arcade
- Team Project
Wizards In Spaaace
Arcade / Shooter / 2-4 Local Play
- Game-Jam Project